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videos pt 2.

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Feb. 28th, 2010 | 08:59 pm


Show - House M.D
Music - Johnny Cash - Hurt
Synopsis - I was bored, it's kinda cry worthy

Show - House M.D
Music - Pete Yorn - Lose You
Synopsis - Super sad after Kutner's/Amber's death..and..how loses his marbles..

Show - House M.D
Music - Simple Plan - Untitled
Synopsis - This is probably one of my favourites ^^ even though the music is kinda lame..it really fits ^^ so yeah..another distraught after amber's/kutner's death video...im seeing a pattern of sadness though these..

Show - House M.D
Music - Timbaland - Apologize
Synopsis - One of my first House videos :) more about Wilson than House though


Note: I own None of the video clips or the music, they're all non profit and just made for fun, so dont sue. :)

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